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Literaturwissenschaft / Literary Studies

Prof. Dr. Caroline Rosenthal
Personal Website

Dr. Stefanie Schäfer (Habilitation) ↗ Personal Website
Yankee Yarns. Storytelling and the Invention of the National Body in 19th-Century US Culture

Gina Comos Personal Website
Imagining Female Identity in US-American Literature of the Anthropocene

Felix Haase Personal Website
Performing Sincerity in North American Autofiction

Ruth Barrett-Peacock
Negotiating an Urban Romantic in Contemporary Australian Poetry

Mareike Dolata
Mapping the Female Detective: Questions of Space in North American Crime Fiction after 1980

Doreen Bauschke
Quit(ed) Texts: The Patchwork Quilt in Contemporary North American Novels (finished)

Rico Hollmach
The Great American Game. Philanthropy in American Literature and Culture (finished)