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Literary and Cultural Studies

English and American Studies at Friedrich-Schiller-University are deeply indebted to cultural studies in their approach to teaching as well as to research. In addition to British and American literature and culture, Canadian studies, Irish studies and the New English literatures and cultures are integral parts of our curriculum. The term ‘culture’ is understood in its broadest sense and includes not only traditional fields of enquiry like philosophy, religion, the history of ideas, art, music or visual media like film and television but also the history of the sciences and the recent developments in information and communication technologies. Interdisciplinarity and a plurality of approaches and methods are thus of specific significance in the classroom as well as in our research.

At present, the traditional programmes of English and American studies are replaced by the new modularized B.A. and M.A. programmes and the teachers’ programmes following the “Jenaer Modell” integrating academic training with practical experience. Our B.A. students begin their studies with introductory courses in English and American literature and may then decide whether they want to pursue a general approach or rather specialize in one field of studies (e.g. British literature, American literature, medieval literature etc.).

English and American studies are linked with other M.A. programmes: “North America Studies”, “Literature, Art and Culture” and “Medieval Studies”. Our cooperation with colleagues within the institute, the faculty, and the university as a whole as well as with other universities in Germany and abroad is geared to offer students a wide range of opportunities to pursue their own interests and studies. It thus serves the individual development and the training of skills and competencies related, but also transcending the requirements of our programme.

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