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Honegger, Jana  

Jana Honegger

Jana Honegger
Jana Honegger

Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8, Raum 617
07743 Jena


Abgeordnete Lehrbauftragte in der Englischen Fachdidaktik
Studienrätin an der Salzmannschule Schnepfenthal (Spezialgymnasium für Sprachen)

Teaching America in the EFL Classroom

This course is designed to apply and intensify various aspects of the introductory course, passing of which is compulsory for the admission into this seminar. Before working thoroughly on the America Units of Thuringian Curricula (Sek I and Sek II), students are going to analyze the framework of the Thüringer Lehrplan focusing on its structure, learning goals and skill developments. Afterwards, we will mainly focus on overall and detailed lesson structuring, teaching methods, task design and vocabulary exercises. Finally, students are asked to design their own mini-lessons on America which are performed and evaluated in the course. To successfully pass the module students are required to write a term paper combining theoretical and practical aspects previously discussed in this seminar.