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International Students

Dear exchange students,

Welcome to the Department of English and American Studies! If you have any questions about your courses you can talk to your teachers or Dr. Karsten Schmidtke-Bode, who is the departmental Erasmus Coordinator.

Participation in modules taught at the Department of English/American Studies is only possible for those exchange students who have contacted the responsible teachers before the beginning of the lecture period and received a positive reply.

Modules taught at this department are not targeted at students of other subjects who wish to improve their English skills. This holds for modules in the areas of linguistics, literary studies and cultural studies, as well as modules in the language practice section. The latter are rather advanced and meant to improve English skills for academic purposes (writing essays on and talking about linguistic and literary topics.) Erasmus students who do not study English/American studies and who want to improve their English should attend the courses offered at the “Sprachenzentrum”.

This leaflet explains how you can register for modules at the department. Concerning more general questions relating to your stay in Jena please have a look at the Guide for International Students.

At the International Office Cornelia Dwars is responsible for the counselling and admission of international applicants and students, Sybille Löbnitz is responsible for ‘Onleila’ and ECTS and Dr Britta Salheiser provides general support (e.g. concerning enrolment etc.) once you have arrived in Jena.

Please note that there is something which will make the organization of your courses and exams quite easy: incoming students are not required to be enrolled in the local online portal for course and exam registration (Friedolin). Instead, you have to register for Onleila, a user-friendly online platform with which you can create your study plan from the current online course catalogue.

Once you are registered, you will get a course card (Kurskarte) from the International Office. This card serves as proof of classes attended and completed successfully, of achieved grades and ECTS credits. At the end of term each instructor/examiner has to fill in your grade and sign and stamp the field. Take the card to the International Office one week before you leave. There, a Transcript of Records will be issued for you.

Here you can register for German courses.

Enjoy your stay in Jena!