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Teaching, Conferences and Projects
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About Canadian Studies at FSU Jena

Canadian Studies at FSU Jena's Institute of English and American Studies promotes the cultural encounter with the people, culture, and history of Canada, with research and teaching as well as guest lectures, author readings, performances, and workshops with Canadian authors and artists, in close cooperation with the Canadian Embassy, Berlin.

Since the 1990s, Canadian Studies has been part of the teaching curriculum and of research activities at the FSU Jena. With Prof. Dr. Caroline Rosenthal’ s appointment as chair of North American Literature and Culture in 2009 this tradition gained new substance. Our interdisciplinary activities include the administration of the interdisciplinary master program North American Studies, coorganized by staff from the departments of English, History, and Political Science at FSU, as well as international conferences, symposiums, excursions, and lecture series. We also promote a didactic focus on Canada and research in Canadian Studies for students and scholars at Jena, with a growing body of Canadian literature at the university library Thulb, as well as helping students go abroad.

Moraine Lake, Alberta
Moraine Lake, Alberta
Image: David Mark

Teaching, Conferences and Projects (selection)

  • Courses (selection)

    Winter Term 2021/22

    • Domestic Spaces in Canadian Women’s Writing (Caroline Rosenthal) 
    • Planetary Thinking and Decolonial Praxis (Florian Wagner) 

    Summer Term 2021 

    • Indigenous Literatures/Indigenous Knowledges (Caroline Rosenthal)
    • Environmental Activism in Contemporary North American Literature (Jaime Hyatt) 

    Winter Term 2020/21

    • Calgary Through the Eyes of Writers (Caroline Rosenthal) 

    Summer Term 2020

    • Literature of Witness: Margaret Atwood's Gilead (Caroline Rosenthal)

    Summer Term 2019

    • Imagining the Canadian West (Caroline Rosenthal)
    • Canadian Cultural Studies (Stefanie Schäfer)
    • North American Bioregionalism (Caroline Rosenthal)
    • Haunting the Page: Gothic Fiction in Australia and North America (Ruth Barratt-Peacock)

    Winter Term 2018/2019

    • Literary History: The New Sincerity (Caroline Rosenthal)

    Summer Term 2018 

    • Nature Writing (Caroline Rosenthal) 

    Winter Term 2017/2018

    • Green Poetry and Ecofiction in Canadian Literature and Culture (Caroline Rosenthal)
    • The Canadian West (Stefanie Schäfer)
    • Introduction to Literary Studies II (Stefanie Schäfer)
    • Margaret Atwood: Works and Impact (Gina Comos)
    • Media: Adaptation Studies (Felix Haase)

    Summer Term 2017

    • The Canadian Short Story (Caroline Rosenthal)
    • Narratives of Crisis: The Anthropocene in Anglophone Literature and Culture (Caroline Rosenthal)
    • Introduction to Literary Studies II (Stefanie Schäfer, Gina Comos)

    Winter Term 2016/2017

    • Canadian Creative Nonfiction (Stefanie Schäfer)

    Summer Term 2016

    • Introduction to Literary Studies II (Stefanie Schäfer, Gina Comos)
    • Nature in Crisis (Caroline Rosenthal)

     Winter Term 2015/2016

    • Canadian Gothic (Christine Domgörgen)
    • Canadian Crime Fiction (Mareike Dolata)
    • Magic Realism in Literature and Film (Caroline Rosenthal)

    Summer Term 2015

    • North American Short Stories by Indigenous Writers (Caroline Rosenthal)
    • Movement in Literature (lecture, Caroline Rosenthal)
    • Literary Figures of Mobility (seminar, Caroline Rosenthal)
    • Cowboys and Indians in Eastern Germany (seminar, Caroline Rosenthal)

    Summer Term 2014

    • Ecocriticism (Gina Comos)

    Winter Term 2013/14

    • North American Picaresque Novels (Caroline Rosenthal) 

    Summer Term 2013

    • Native American and First Nations Canadian Literature (Caroline Rosenthal,)
    • The West in the Canadian Literary and Cultural Imagination (Caroline Rosenthal, Stefanie Schäfer)
    • Space in Literature: City Avenues and Country Roads (Mareike Dolata)
  • Conferences (selection)
    New Sincerity
    New Sincerity
    Image: New Sincerity

    2019: New Sincerity - Self-Expression in North American Culture

    from 24.-26. January 2019
    organized by Prof. Dr. Caroline Rosenthal and Felix Haase, M.A. 

    [Read Morepdf, 2 mb · de]







    2016: Disrespected Neighbo(u)rs

    from 21.-23. April 2016
    organized by Prof. Dr. Caroline Rosenthal, Prof. Dr. Laurenz Volkmann und Prof. Dr. Uwe Zagratzki

    [Read MoreExternal link] [BookExternal link]

    2013: Probing the Skin: Cultural Representations of our
    Contact Zone

    from 24.-26. April 2013
    organized by Prof. Dr. Caroline Rosenthal and Prof. Dr. Dirk Vanderbeke 

    [Read Morepdf, 43 kb · de] [BookExternal link]

    2012: Fake Identities? Impostors, ConMen, Wannabees in North American Culture

    from 26.-27. April 2012
    organized by Prof. Dr. Caroline Rosenthal and PD Dr. Stefanie Schäfer 

    [Read Morepdf, 4 mb · de] [BookExternal link

  • Projects and Guest Lectures/Readings (selection)
    Calgary Stampede
    Calgary Stampede
    Image: CanStudies Jena

    for a list of all Guest Lectures click here

    Stories of the Pacific Northwest (2022) 

    "Stories of the Pacific North West: Indigenous Perspectives on Land and Literature" UNBC, Prince George, BC organized by Prof. Dr. Caroline Rosenthal, Amanda Halter, M.A., und Florian Wagner, M.A. (21.07.2022-01.08.2022) [Read More]

    Calgary Stampede (2013) 

    On July 2, 2013, 15 students under the direction of Prof. Caroline Rosenthal and Dr. Stefanie Schäfer embarked on a journey to the Calgary Stampede, an agricultural exhibition with a 100 year-old tradition. [Read MoreExternal link]

    Canadian Author Lecture Series

    • Aritha van Herk (2013, 2015)
    • Drew Hayden Taylor (2012)
    • Guillermo Verdecchia (2011)