Why study in Jena

Why study in Jena?

"Paradise City" and a "Top University 2020"
Why study in Jena
Foto: Naassom Azevedo on unsplash.com

When choosing the right place for their M.A. studies, students often seek a metropolis with all its vibes and buzz. The links below will show you why Jena, despite or maybe just because of its smaller size, has proven very popular with German and international M.A. students alike. The studying conditions are excellent, both research and teaching can easily compete with bigger institutions, and the town offers a unique combination of beautiful scenery and a vibrant student culture.

Consequently, according to the recent Study Check AwardExterner Link, the University of Jena ranks among the "Top Universities 2020" in Germany. The Institute of English and American Studies is proud to have contributed to this achievement, as we managed to score a recommendation rate of 95%Externer Link.

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