Carolin Grzenia, M.A.




Research Associate in American Studies, FSU Jena
PhD Project: "Climate Grief in the Contemporary Memoir"


Honours Student in the Honours Programme, FSU Jena
Honours Project: "Affect and Emotion in Climate Fiction"


M.A. English and American Studies, FSU Jena


Several Positions as a Student Assistant, FSU Jena

  •  Research Assistant, Department of English and American Studies (09/18-08/21) 
  •  E-Tutor, Department of English and American Studies (12/20-06/21)
  •  Research Assistant, "Lehramt.International: IDEAS" (09/19-03/20)
  •  Student Assistant, "The Romantic Model" (01/19-03/19)

B.A. English and American Studies/Intercultural Communication, FSU Jena

  • Talks & Guest Lectures
    •  "Grieving Glaciers: Ice, Loss, and Literature." Ways of Water: Aquatic Poetics and Politics in North American Literatures (Lecture Series), FSU Jena & Universität Bremen, 08.05.2024. 
    •  "The Environmental Humanities." (w/ the Ecocriticism Research Collective); Ringvorlesung Nachhaltigkeit: Aktuelle Perspektiven und Themen der Nachhaltigkeitsforschung, FSU Jena, 02.11.2023.
    •  "Ecocriticism on the Ground: A Sketch of Ecocritical Work at FSU." (w/ the Ecocriticism Research Collective); Wissenschaftshistorisches Kolloquium am Ernst-Haeckel-Haus, FSU Jena, 29.06.2023.
    •  "Literature and Literary Studies in/of the Anthropocene." (w/ Amanda Halter); Climate Crisis: Teaching Fiction and Philosophy at the End of the World (Seminar), FSU Jena, 21.06.2023.
    •  "Mourning the More-Than-Human World: Climate Grief in the Contemporary Memoir." Regional Colloquium for American Studies, Universität Leipzig, 14.04.2023.
    •  "Facets of Literature in the Anthropocene." (w/ Amanda Halter and Florian Wagner); Nature Writing and Ecocriticism (Lecture), FSU Jena, 12.01.2023.
    •  "Hope and Despair in Environmental Literature." Public Climate School, FSU Jena, 17.05.2022.
    •  "The Anthropocene in Art and Literature." (w/ Amanda Halter and Florian Wagner); Romantic Thought in the Epoch of the Anthropocene (Seminar), FSU Jena, 03.05.2022.
    •  "Environmental Crisis and Culture: An Introduction to Ecocriticism and a Public Discussion." (w/ the Ecocriticism Research Collective); Public Climate School, FSU Jena, 22.11.2021.
  • Research Interests
    •  Literature and Emotion
    •  (Affective) Ecocriticism
    •  Climate Fiction & Nonfiction
    •  Environmental Psychology
    •  Grief and Trauma Studies
  • Teaching
    •  Empathy in Literature and Culture (WiSe 24) 
    •  Ecocriticism in Theory and Practice (SoSe 24)
    •  Introduction to Literary Studies II (SoSe 23 & WiSe 23)
    •  Ecology, Emotion, and the Genre of Life Writing (WiSe 22)
    •  Hope and Despair in Environmental Literature (SoSe 22)
    •  Climate Change and the Literary Imagination (WiSe 21)
Carolin Grzenia
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Raum 623
Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8
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